Akutol™ Duopack

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Akutol™ stop sprej + Akutol™ sprej

Product category
Class IIa medical device

Akutol™ spray is used for quick treatment of minor abrasions and superficial wounds. Covers the injury with a flexible film that prevents access of foreign substances from the outside environment while allowing the skin to breathe. The waterproof bandage prevents moisture evaporation from the skin.

60 ml

Akutol™ stop spray 60 ml

Bleeding stopper in practical package
60 ml

Akutol™ spray

Protective flexible spray bandage. Replaces patches, can be used for wound areas larger than a regular patch.

How both products are used?

Watch the video below to find out when Akutol™ spray and Akutol™ stop spray are used.

In what activities can the products be used?

Below we have prepared a list of activities during which minor injuries may occur and the products will help you be back in action.

Back to the kitchen in no time!

Even at the seaside, a minor injury won't stop you. Flexible bandage protects there too!

Are you a handyman? You will definitely not avoid minor injuries.

Back to the playground in no time!

Long hikes and blisters. Fix them with a liquid bandage.

Back to nature in no time!

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