When applied correctly, the spray does not drip too much from the wound and dries within approx. 3 minutes on the entire application area.

Use in pregnant and lactating women is possible after consultation with a doctor.

No adverse effects have been reported for Akutol wound treatment and subsequent sun exposure.

The product can be used in children aged 2 years and more. The product can be used in diabetics.

Yes, after application of Akutol spray flexible bandage 35/60 ml you can feel burning sensation in the wound because the product composition contains alcohol, which has partially antiseptic effects. If this ingredient is missing in the product and the wound is not properly cleaned and disinfected before applying Akutol flexible bandage, the wound may become inflamed and thus the healing time may be extended.

Yes, it is recommended to clean the wound from mechanical impurities and then disinfect it.

The product will protect the wound for up to 3-4 days from application. Then the product spontaneously, gradually “rubs out” of the wound by abrasion. The duration of the Akutol spray flexible bandage 35/60 ml will depend on which part of the body the product will be applied to and how the surrounding influences (water, dirt, mechanical abrasion, etc.) will affect this place.

If necessary, the application can be repeated at any time. However, it is always important to apply another layer after the previous layer of product has been removed from the wound. In case of application of more layers of the product, the wound healing time may be extended.

Akutol spray plastic bandage protects the wound and helps the wound healing process for up to 3-4 days. Due to the fact that the product is also waterproof, it is not intended for immediate removal from the wound. However, if you want to remove the product from the wound, one option is to carefully rub it out mechanically.

Yes, if the wound and its surroundings are carefully dried before applying Akutol spray flexible bandage 35/60 ml and the flexible bandage is allowed to dry properly after application, then the humid environment should not interfere with the application of the product to the wound. However, we must note that the product has not been tested in a tropical environment.

The product forms a waterproof film on the wound for 3-4 days. If necessary, the product can be reapplied to the wound at any time.

When treating a small wound, Akutol spray 60 ml is enough for more than 100 applications and Akutol mini 35 ml for up to 60 applications. However, it depends on the intensity of the sprayer pushing and the size of the treated area.

Closed wounds:

  1. clean and disinfect the area to be treated
  2. spray the Hydrogel on the wound without touching the wound
  3. use a patch or bandage if necessary

Open wounds:

  1. clean and disinfect the wound
  2. dry carefully
  3. apply a thick layer of the gel (0.5-0.75 cm) on the wound
  4. use a bandage or patch
  5. leave the bandage on the wound for one to three days until the gel disappears
  6. limit the use of Hydrogel if a scab is formed on the wound

Akutol hydrogel has the form of a spray, ie it is applied directly to the wound. This application is completely contactless, hygienic. Therefore, there is no contamination of the internal contents of the spray. The product is therefore suitable for the treatment of more patients. No additional applicator/dispenser is needed for application.

Yes, it is recommended to clean the wound from mechanical impurities and disinfect it before application.

Apply enough hydrogel to cover the entire area/wound.

Apply the product according to your needs. It is desirable to continuously refill the hydrogel in the wound until complete healing.

The product is suitable for local dry and wet wounds. For example, superficial burns, abrasions, surgical wounds, decubiti (bedsores), varicose ulcers, anal fissures (hemorrhoids)…

Acutol hydrogel does not stain clothing. The product has white, gel consistency. The product does not run off the wound.

If required by the type and area of the wound, it is possible to use a bandage or patch designed for moist wound healing.

The product is suitable for superficial, minor burns. AKUTOL hydrogel is not a means for the first treatment in case of burns! Cool the wound immediately under lukewarm running water and continue cooling for approximately twenty minutes. Cooling down should be done as soon as possible, as its beneficial effect gradually decreases and disappears after about 30 minutes. To avoid hypothermia, the use of cold water is not recommended, especially if burn covers a large area.

Yes, the product is intended for direct application to the wound. It is recommended to disinfect the wound before applying Akutol hydrogel.

The minimum shelf life is given on the bottom of the product. The product can be used without restriction during the minimum shelf life.

Yes, more patients can be treated with the product. During application, there is no contamination of the internal content of the product due to the BOV filling method. In addition, the product has a spray application form that is contactless and hygienic.

There should not be any burning sensation in the wound after application of the product due to substances contained in the composition. On the contrary, the product pleasantly cools the wound area by forming a powdery hydrogel layer containing alginates.

It is recommended to rinse the wound first with water from mechanical impurities and apply Akutol Stop bleeding stopper only after rinsing.

It is important to shake the product well before use. Hold the product upright with the bottom down. Apply the product to the wound from a distance of 15-20 cm in an amount that corresponds to the size of the treated area so that the product does not run off the wound. You can repeat the spraying as needed.

Akutol Stop spray is suitable for lightly bleeding wounds. The product is not intended for wounds with massive bleeding.

No protective flexible bandage is formed after application of Akutol Stop spray. Powder layer absorbs fluids, herbal ingredients soothe and moisturise the injury. If necessary, after applying Akutol spray, the wound can be covered with a classic patch.

Akutol Stop spray has no disinfecting effect.

The active ingredient – a mixture of 80% calcium alginate and 20% sodium alginate – forms a powdery mechanical layer over the wound. The alginate layer absorbs blood and exudates from the wound site and forms a cooling gel mass that promotes the healing process. Extracts of chamomile and marigold disinfect the wound and have an anti-inflammatory effect. Sea buckthorn oil, aloe vera and jojoba wax support the natural hydration of the wound and help the healing process.

Apply Akutol patch remover on the patch from a distance of 10 – 15 cm from the skin. Apply a sufficient amount to the permeable patch to moisten the treated area. Wait 10 – 15 seconds and remove the patch with a quick motion. For an impermeable patch (eg waterproof), spray on the corner of the patch and remove the corner after a few seconds. Gradually apply spraying and remove the adhesive parts until its is completely removed.

The product leaves the treated area clean and ready for sticking a new patch.

No, there is no burning sensation in the would after the Akutol patch remover application.

The product has no effect on the wound healing and cannot be absorbed to the wound. Gently acts even on sensitive and very dry, cracked or damaged skin. Leaves the treated area clean and ready for sticking a new adhesive.

The product is designed to remove textile or plastic patches, bandages and other medical devices glued to the body surface (nicotine patches, ECG electrodes).

The product gently acts even on the sensitive and very dry, cracked or damaged skin. The product is also suitable for people suffering from petrol intolerance. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the product.

Yes, the product is also intended for professional use in healthcare. The product can also be used in diabetics and ostomy patients.

The product is very efficient and economical – 35 ml is enough for up to 200 applications.

Yes, the product can also be used to clean the skin of adhesive residues.

Akutol spray for burns is suitable for burns of the 1st and 2nd degree and skin burns that result from excessive sun exposure/tanning. The product is not intended for severe 2nd and 3rd degree burns where deep damage to the epidermis and dermis occurs.

Apply/spray the product on the burned skin from a distance of 10-15 cm to ensure sufficient dispersion of the product on the entire burned area.

The product can be applied to burned skin according to the individual needs of the user. The recommended application to burned skin is at least 3 times a day. Apply the product until the minor burn is healed (usually several days). In case of burns after excessive sunbathing, use until browning and disappearance of the burning sensation of the skin.

If you feel the need to cool the burned skin again, feel unpleasant burning sensation, then apply the product again. Application is possible at frequent intervals. The recommended application is at least 3 times a day.

Akutol spray for burns creates a breathable protective film on the wound, which accelerates the process of skin burn recovery, also thanks to hydrogel that contains hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extract and marigold. However, the protective film is not waterproof and does not protect the skin from adverse effects, bacteria, etc. Acute spray for burns does not act as Acute spray flexible bandage.

No, Akutol spray for burns does not form a waterproof film/dressing on the wound.

No, there is no burning sensation in the would after Akutol spray for burns application. The spray application pleasantly cools the burned area.

Spray application is painless, contactless, hygienic and very fast. It is a practical packaging suitable for travel. The user does not have to touch the burned skin, so there is no contamination of the burned skin by viruses and bacteria that may be on the hands.

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