Akutol™ Spray

Don't let anything to slow you down.
No patch is needed.

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Akutol™ Stop Spray

Back in the game.
Treat minor injuries on the spot.

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Akutol™ Duopack

Back in the game.
Let's deal with the minor injuries now.

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Akutol™ Spray for burns

Treatment of minor home burns.

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Quick treatment of minor injuries.
Anywhere, anytime.

Don't let it stop you. No need for a patch.

Akutol™ Stop spray

Bleeding stopper

AKUTOL™ Stop spray stops bleeding from minor superficial injuries. The injury is protected from adverse environmental effects and the healing process begins. Powder coating absorbs fluids, sea and herbal ingredients soothe and moisturise the injury.

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Akutol™ Spray for burns

Treatment of surface burns

Akutol™ spray for burns is used to treat minor surface 1st and 2nd degree burns and skin after excessive sunbathing. Creates a protective flexible film on the wound, which speeds up the recovery process. Cools and soothes the burned area and maintains an optimally humid environment, which speeds up recovery.

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Akutol™ Hydrogel

Healing of burns, bedsores, varicose ulcers and cuts

Akutol™ hydrogel is a paraben-free hydrocolloid gel indicated for treatment of local dry or wet wounds. Akutol™ hydrogel is a medical device that indirectly promotes wound healing through the regulation of the wound’s microenvironment.

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Akutol™ Patch remover

Patch remover

Akutol™ Patch remover is a first aid for painless removal of textile or plastic patches, bandages and other medical devices glued to the surface of the body. Safe and gentle to the skin. Has no effect on the wound healing and cannot be absorbed to the wound. Gently acts even on sensitive and very dry, cracked or damaged skin.

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How and when to use
Akutol products

When applied correctly, the spray does not drip too much from the wound and dries within approx. 3 minutes on the entire application area.

Use in pregnant and lactating women is possible after consultation with a doctor.

No adverse effects have been reported for Akutol wound treatment and subsequent sun exposure.

The product can be used in children aged 2 years and more. The product can be used in diabetics.

Yes, after application of Akutol spray flexible bandage 35/60 ml you can feel burning sensation in the wound because the product composition contains alcohol, which has partially antiseptic effects. If this ingredient is missing in the product and the wound is not properly cleaned and disinfected before applying Akutol flexible bandage, the wound may become inflamed and thus the healing time may be extended.

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