Acutol hydrogel does not stain clothing. The product has white, gel consistency. The product does not run off the wound.

If required by the type and area of the wound, it is possible to use a bandage or patch designed for moist wound healing.

The product is suitable for superficial, minor burns. AKUTOL hydrogel is not a means for the first treatment in case of burns! Cool the wound immediately under lukewarm running water and continue cooling for approximately twenty minutes. Cooling down should be done as soon as possible, as its beneficial effect gradually decreases and disappears after about 30 minutes. To avoid hypothermia, the use of cold water is not recommended, especially if burn covers a large area.

Yes, the product is intended for direct application to the wound. It is recommended to disinfect the wound before applying Akutol hydrogel.

The minimum shelf life is given on the bottom of the product. The product can be used without restriction during the minimum shelf life.

Yes, more patients can be treated with the product. During application, there is no contamination of the internal content of the product due to the BOV filling method. In addition, the product has a spray application form that is contactless and hygienic.

Closed wounds:

  1. clean and disinfect the area to be treated
  2. spray the Hydrogel on the wound without touching the wound
  3. use a patch or bandage if necessary

Open wounds:

  1. clean and disinfect the wound
  2. dry carefully
  3. apply a thick layer of the gel (0.5-0.75 cm) on the wound
  4. use a bandage or patch
  5. leave the bandage on the wound for one to three days until the gel disappears
  6. limit the use of Hydrogel if a scab is formed on the wound

Akutol hydrogel has the form of a spray, ie it is applied directly to the wound. This application is completely contactless, hygienic. Therefore, there is no contamination of the internal contents of the spray. The product is therefore suitable for the treatment of more patients. No additional applicator/dispenser is needed for application.

Yes, it is recommended to clean the wound from mechanical impurities and disinfect it before application.

Apply enough hydrogel to cover the entire area/wound.

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