The product can be used in children aged 2 years and more. The product can be used in diabetics.

Yes, after application of Akutol spray flexible bandage 35/60 ml you can feel burning sensation in the wound because the product composition contains alcohol, which has partially antiseptic effects. If this ingredient is missing in the product and the wound is not properly cleaned and disinfected before applying Akutol flexible bandage, the wound may become inflamed and thus the healing time may be extended.

Yes, it is recommended to clean the wound from mechanical impurities and then disinfect it.

The product will protect the wound for up to 3-4 days from application. Then the product spontaneously, gradually “rubs out” of the wound by abrasion. The duration of the Akutol spray flexible bandage 35/60 ml will depend on which part of the body the product will be applied to and how the surrounding influences (water, dirt, mechanical abrasion, etc.) will affect this place.

If necessary, the application can be repeated at any time. However, it is always important to apply another layer after the previous layer of product has been removed from the wound. In case of application of more layers of the product, the wound healing time may be extended.

Akutol spray plastic bandage protects the wound and helps the wound healing process for up to 3-4 days. Due to the fact that the product is also waterproof, it is not intended for immediate removal from the wound. However, if you want to remove the product from the wound, one option is to carefully rub it out mechanically.

Yes, if the wound and its surroundings are carefully dried before applying Akutol spray flexible bandage 35/60 ml and the flexible bandage is allowed to dry properly after application, then the humid environment should not interfere with the application of the product to the wound. However, we must note that the product has not been tested in a tropical environment.

The product forms a waterproof film on the wound for 3-4 days. If necessary, the product can be reapplied to the wound at any time.

When treating a small wound, Akutol spray 60 ml is enough for more than 100 applications and Akutol mini 35 ml for up to 60 applications. However, it depends on the intensity of the sprayer pushing and the size of the treated area.

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