There should not be any burning sensation in the wound after application of the product due to substances contained in the composition. On the contrary, the product pleasantly cools the wound area by forming a powdery hydrogel layer containing alginates.

It is recommended to rinse the wound first with water from mechanical impurities and apply Akutol Stop bleeding stopper only after rinsing.

It is important to shake the product well before use. Hold the product upright with the bottom down. Apply the product to the wound from a distance of 15-20 cm in an amount that corresponds to the size of the treated area so that the product does not run off the wound. You can repeat the spraying as needed.

Akutol Stop spray is suitable for lightly bleeding wounds. The product is not intended for wounds with massive bleeding.

No protective flexible bandage is formed after application of Akutol Stop spray. Powder layer absorbs fluids, herbal ingredients soothe and moisturise the injury. If necessary, after applying Akutol spray, the wound can be covered with a classic patch.

Akutol Stop spray has no disinfecting effect.

The active ingredient – a mixture of 80% calcium alginate and 20% sodium alginate – forms a powdery mechanical layer over the wound. The alginate layer absorbs blood and exudates from the wound site and forms a cooling gel mass that promotes the healing process. Extracts of chamomile and marigold disinfect the wound and have an anti-inflammatory effect. Sea buckthorn oil, aloe vera and jojoba wax support the natural hydration of the wound and help the healing process.

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